Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Incredible Insects

I have this need to spontaneously combust today. I am embarking on this exciting new venture and I can assure you all there is lot more leg work than there should be... Especially when you don't have all the correct info ;-)

I hope that you have been having a blast with you children and the activities. I would love to see what you create with them so feel free to share your pics with me.

This week you will need some painting aprons...

PHOTO CREDITS: I loaded some of these ages ago and cannot find credits. If you know who to credit please feel free to let me know so I can adjust.

Butterfly Painting
WHAT YOU NEED: paint, white paper, paintbrush, pencil

WHAT TO DO: Fold your white paper in half. With you pencil draw very lightly the shape of half a butterfly. Get your little person to paint within that space being quite liberal with the paint. Once they have filled in the shape get your paper and fold in half so hat the painted side is on the inside of the fold. when you open it your paint should have transferred meaning that you now have a whole butterfly.

WHAT YOU NEED: paint, scissors, 2 paper plates, black card or paper, glue and some googly eyes

WHAT TO DO: Take one of the paper plates and scissors and cut the paper plate in half. While you are doing this get your little person to paint the other plate black. Give your little person the cut plate and get them to paint in the colour of their choice. While you are waiting for the paint to dry cut our a small semi circle from the black card and glue on the two googly eyes. Once the paint on that plates has dried using their finger tips get your little person to dot black dots on the coloured plate. Then once all of that is dry glue the coloured plate halves onto the top of the black plate and then glue on the black semi circle. Voila... A coloured lady bug (or Gaston as Miss 3.5 calls it).

Toilet Roll Bees
WHAT YOU NEED: toilet rolls, glue, scissors, yellow paper, black paper, white card, beige card, permanent marker (or texts) and black pipe cleaner

WHAT TO DO: get the yellow and black card and cut them into strips as evenly as possible. get your little person to glue these onto the toilet roll creating a black and yellow striped bee body. Get the white card and cut out some wings. Attach these to your toilet roll. Using the beige card cut out an oval shape. On that oval shape draw on two eyes and a smile. Then cut the pipe cleaner in half and attach to the back of the beige card. Attach the beige card to the opposite side of the toilet roll as the wings. Ta Da! A toilet roll bee :-)

Ladybug Hat
WHAT YOU NEED: red card, black paint, black card, scissors, black pipe cleaners, red pom poms, googly eyes and white out, stapler or sticky tape, hole punch if you have one

WHAT TO DO: Get the red card and cut it in half lengthways. Get your little person to use their fingerstips to create black dots with the black paint (just like the Ladybugs plates). While you are waiting for the paint to dry cut a semi circle out of the black card, glue on googly eyes in the curve and use the white out to create a smile near the flat edge. Attach this to the middle of the strip, flat edge to the bottom edge of the strip. Get the hole punch (or scissors if you don't have the hold punch) to put two holes about 1cm apart in the top of the hat above the semi circle. Feed your pipe cleaner through these holes and bend them so that they create antlers. If you have pom poms attach these to the end of the pipe cleaner. Get the strip and measure to fit your little persons head, hold the measurement and get a stapler or sticky tape and fix the strips ends together. 

Colouring In Pages
Fnd some pages of insects and sit with you little person and colour them in. sometimes Miss 3.5 and Miss 1.5 love nothing more than sitting with me and colouring (apparently I don't do it right).

Outdoor Activities
Although the weather has been horrible 


and I haven't been able to do any of these activities with my little people, doesn't mean it is horrible where you are.

Chasing and Catch
What To Do: To tie this activity in with my insect theme I got the girls to skip and hop and flap their wings as if they were a butterfly when playing this game. It certainly made the game interesting.

Activity Dice
This activity does require some mummy or daddy prep prior to playing BUT once done you can store these and keep for another day. 
To Do: Create a box from cardboard (or if you are me buy two cube boxes), there are lots of templates on the internet. Decorate how you wish ( I just painted). 
On one cube write some activities. Mine were: 
1. Dance like a ballerina; 2.Flap like a bird; 3. Run on the spot; 4. Jump like a kangaroo; 5. Skip around the room; 6. Hop like a frog. 
On the other cube write some stretches. Mine were:
1. Reach for the Sky; 2. Touch Your Toes; 3. Butterfly Stretch; 4. Pat On The Back; 5. Triangle Stretch; 6. Puppy Dog

Note: the best thing about activity dice is you can have them for anything activities in the kitchen, story telling, activities with grandma or daddy.

Where Does This Go
Go around the house with a washing basket and collect random items from each room. Get your children to select an item and ask them where it goes. Get them to take it to the spot they think that the item belongs. This is especially fun when you pick something that they do not usually see and you can see their little minds ticking over... It blows my mind sometimes what they do in this game...

This is self explanatory... Find something fabulous to get them to help you cook. Children love to imitate the best people in the world to them (ie you) and they love cooking... (I caught Miss 3.5 "washing up" the water bottles today).

Chalk Drawings
Again this is fairly self explanatory. Gets some chalk (supermarkets do have) and sit outside, finding a space to do some drawings... Although not sure that I would be keen for that in today's rain ;-)

Hope that you have another fantastic week with your little ones.

Keep smiling


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