Friday, 21 March 2014

Cleaning Bucket


So I have been a little MIA the last two days as on Wed I cleverly placed my hand on the stove top (forgetting that I had just cooked veggies for the girls)... MAN it hurt and although it is still uncomfortable now the burning sensation is gone (thankfully) and for the most part I have use of my hand.

This post is about your cleaning bucket...

I have a cleaning bucket... Well technically I have a few... A car cleaning bucket, cleaning stuff storage bucket, cleaning bucket, then I have stuff scattered throughout the house. PLUS I have a design on an accident cleaning bucket (more about that later) :-) I just cannot help myself.

I believe there is merit in having a cleaning bucket (or 5 if you are me). I have to be very clever with my time or I end up with unmopped, unvaccumed, chaotic mess all through my house. This being said, with my cleaning checklist being reinstated in my house things have been less chaotic and I have found that I am a little more organised and less time poor. 

Now the reason that I have two buckets is because all the products in my old bucket were empty (because I was so in love with them) so I created another one "temporarily" until I could afford to replace all the bits and bobs in my original one. 

My Original Bucket


My original bucket was formed when I lived and taught in a mining town in WA. The town was iron ore central and apart from everything being a beautiful shade of terracotta red, I knew that the "elements" around me weren't exactly healthy. So I made the call to keep my chemical intake to an attempted minimum. I was invited to a "party", you know the ones where you have a host and a salesperson... and although I was trying to hide that I was pregnant (possible not so well- as I dashed repeatedly to the toilet). I still managed to buy a fabulous product (that smelt so yummy!)

These are by a company called Nature's Direct. At first I was a little skeptical of the "power" of these products and although I used them it wasn't until I needed to clean a stain on the carpet and used their carpet cleaner that I realised actually how good these products are. I had a stubborn stain on the carpets in our place and used this product on it. Although having used warm water and soap and that not working their carpet cleaning spray worked a dream. I haven't looked back. 

Now my problem is that I have run out of product. You can buy the refills (I just have to get off my proverbial and organise). If you have the money they really are worth every cent.

In the meantime I have created a temporary bucket for myself (god forbid I have an unclean home)

Ok so maybe it is more of a cleaning cupboard than a bucket...

I am not a huge insect lover... Well more the Arachnids and Cockroaches so I always have some Mortein (for that moment that we come face to face- I HAVE been known to faint depending on the arachnid. I am getting better).

Finish Dishwashing Tablets
I have never been a dishwasher user (in fact the house I lived in last year had a brand new dishwasher that until we moved out had never been used). But for time efficiency I have been utilising the load and go functionality of a dishwasher. I LOVE the finish tablets, the seems to leave my things clean without that funky grainy residue that I have seen some dishwashers leave.

Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid
I still love my washing up (really?) and therefore I always have morning fresh in my cupboard (I do like mixing up the scents of these ones).

I am not a huge bleach user (B LOVES the stuff) as I find my teeth get really sensitive and it is like my gums get... tingly (not in a good way). My teeth and gums ache I guess. So although I can see the merits of bleach for toilets etc. I personally don't use often... But I leave that up to B. 

Glen 20
I do have a can of glen 20 in the cupboard. With all the sickness that we have had in the past I do keep a can in the cupboard. It is able to kill a lot of the germs that can make you feel icky and quite unwell.

I am not sure about you but I like clean windows and I think that Windex is the best product for that. I do recommend that IF you use Windex the best way to avoid streaks etc is to use a Microfibre cloth.

Earth Choice Bathroom and Shower Spray
Hidden behind the Windex is Earth Choice Bathroom and Shower Spray. I love this for the bathroom. It has a really lovely fragrance and is a fabulous product.

In the bottom of that cupboard I also keep some paper towel, some cloths and a dustpan.

I also find that good old soapy hot water is great for cleaning lots of surfaces too. In blogs to come I will be sharing with you some household products that have more uses than you realise. Also through this series we will work together to create our own cleaning buckets :-)

I would love to know what your have in your cleaning bucket!

Keep smiling


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