Monday, 24 March 2014

Roaring Routines

So I had to laugh at the irony of today's post. Well yesterday's post technically. So yesterday was a chaotic day to say the least. I have a friend that does competition skating... So it's like ice skating but on roller skates. Kind of retro and cool. SO, when Mrs S asked if I would make her costume I was more than happy to help. I didn't have a pattern (just a live model and prior comp outfit) so I started. I was doing ok but it is getting to the pointy end of the the pattern... Embellishments and glitter and sleeves. So to avoid having to keep calling Mrs S over to try it on I put a call out to my coast peeps to see if anyone had a dressmaking form (have you seen the prices on those things!!!!) so yesterday I was collecting the form, doing a fitting with Mrs S, sewing the back embellishment, cleaning, cooking having someone from an aid agency and Mormons doorknock and having a lovely new friend and her family over for dinner. To say it was chaos was an understatement... 

So to my point... Do you know why it was chaos? I had no structure to my day AT ALL. I flew by the seat of my pants as such. Now don't get me wrong I do have rough guide times BUT some days some things take longer but Its more about having a basic structure to my day.

I find that I need to get my jobs out of the way early so that I can spend the rest of these day with my little ones and doing my blog (and this costume). For example, I am BUSTING to fix my garage and so today (around the costume) I am going to clean and organise our garage but to do that the remainder of my "jobs" need to be done.

So (this is only a guide) I hope it helps you

6am.  - Shower
          - Breakfast
          - Housework
8am   - Hang out washing
          - Bath L
          - Play, craft, read with children
10am - Morning Tea
          - Prepare dinner
          - Vacuum
12pm - Lunch
          - Day Naps
I use this time to do my blogs, Ruffled Lace things, paperwork, budgeting, scheduling, sewing, phonecalls (although I hide in the garage for these).

If I can do things ahead, at this point I do it in this time :-)

2.30p - Play, craft, read, walk, park with children
3.30p - Afternoon snack
4pm   - Bath I and S 
          - Washing off line
          - Final dinner prep
5pm   - Dinner on
6pm   - Quiet time
7pm   - Girls bedtime

It is at this time B and I have dinner. Then I wash dishes or load dishwasher, tidy up "hot spots" (those places in your house that seem to ALWAYS be messy) and if the floor needs to be mopped B does this JUST before bed.

There is some flexibility in times etc but I try and keep things as regular as possible cos. just like their mummy the girls like and thrive on structure (probably why I am teacher - and LOVE organising).

When you create your own "routines" think about what things you do in the day. Think about roughly what time you do them. You might find that unconsciously you have out yourself and your little ones (or not if you don't have the little ones yet) into a routine. It is always the way that things will change (ie nap times etc but the best thing about routines is that they are not set in concrete, they really are just a guide.

When you are in your early stages of setting up a routine or structure set your phone alarm to help you stay somewhat on track OR to help you readjust some of your timing.

I hope that this helps you all.

Have a lovely day 

Keep smiling


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