Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Under The Sea

As most of you know I have two toddlers and an infant. Some people think that we are crazy and some knew that even before we had children, I wanted my little ones close together in age. I am also a qualified teacher and I miss being in a classroom with lots of smiley kidlets but I wouldn't give up my time with my children for anything right now.

So I have decided on a happy medium. Last year I got really excited about doing some activities with the girls... Activities which to date we have not completed. Thus I introduce to you (drumroll please)... Kidlets Craft! Every Wednesday I am going to share with you all a weeks worth of activities for the following week. Now I understand some of you may be time restricted and that is totally fine. It's about having some activities in your " play" bank. Because I am a teacher I like things themed and in groupings (this also ties in with that perfectionism I have laughed about).

Here we go. Remember I am trying to occupy two spirited toddlers... You don't have to follow this format. One thing I will add is make sure you have smocks for artwork... Big W, KMart or Spotlight have smocks (plastic are fab for wiping down) just check your local supermarket or dollar store sometimes they have stocks...



Monday- Fish Decorations
Things needed: blue card (or paint some card in blue), white card, icy pole sticks, glitter, glue, sequins, tissue paper, scrap paper, paint
What to do: Cut out some under the sea animals from the white card and paint in chosen colours (you can use coloured card here instead). Cut a line about 2cm from bottom leaving about 2cm uncut at either end (this is to slip your icy pole stick through). Decorate your water scene and your sea creature. Once you have done that attach your sea creature to the icy pole stick.

Tuesday- Handprint Crabs
Things needed: white paper and paint (your choice of colour)
What to do: Get your little person (or people) to put paint on their hands. You can roll this on or get them to dip their hands in paint. Get them to place one hand on the paper. Place the other hand on the paper ensuring that the palms overlap. When the paint is dried draw on some eyes (or if you have them glue on some googly eyes).

Wednesday- Bottle Jellyfish
Things needed: empty water bottle, paint, plastic braiding string (dollar store, Big W, craft shop) googly eyes
What to do: Cut the bottle in half. Get your little person to paint the inside of the bottle. When it has dried poke some holes near the bottom of the cut edge. Feed some of the braid string through the holes (I found it easier to fold braid in half and feed that through holes then put lose ends of braid through the loops). Glue on the googly eyes.

Thursday- Thumbprint Fish
Things needed: Large white card, paint, coloured markers
What to do: Get your little person to put their fingers in the paint and place on the paper. Put as Manu on as you like. Once the paint has dried draw on your creatures ie tentacles for jellyfish, fins and tail for fish, legs for crabs.

Friday- Shark Hat
Things needed: white card, colouring pencils, sticky tape or stapler.
What to do: Cut a long strip of paper and fit it around your little persons head, get them to colour it in. Tape or staple together. Cut out another strip to go over the head, get your little person to colour this too. Measure this also and tape to the other strip. It will create almost a helmet look. Cut out a tail and a fin, again get your little person to colour this in also and attach the fin to the top strip and the tail to the back of the other strip. Now go and have fun playing games with the shark helmet.

Please if you find the credits for these images let me know so I can adjust.

Tips: I found that because my two are quite little and need some direction, I pre cut anything that needed to be cut and did an extra one so that I could do it with them and show them what I was doing. Make sure they are wearing smocks because inevitably the paint goes everywhere. My best advice is use the weekend to collect any items you need and have it all ready in a craft box for the week.


Monday- Don't Fall in the Sea
Get some paper, card, placemats or cushions and place randomly over the floor. Make sure you place them so that with a small jump your little person can reach them. The idea of this is to get your little one to jump or step from one spot to the next one without falling in the sea. Best way to do this is play on their imagination. Tell them that the carpet, grass or tiles is the ocean and there are animals in there and the person that can jump from spot to spot without falling in the sea wins. This is a fabulous activity to work on your little persons balance.

Tuesday- Water Play
This can be a bucket, a water table, a bowl, the bath tub... It's a very simple one. Let them play.

Wednesday- Water Garden
I want my little ones to feel like they help in the garden because they really do love helping AND they love water. I just hook up the hose, put on their gardening shoes and our we go to water the garden.

Thursday- Bubbles
You can buy some of those bubble wands from a dollar store (or make up your own mixture - Google is fab) and sit in the yard with them and get them to catch the bubble.

Friday- Water Balloons
This one can be a little wet so pop some bathers on (and slip, slop and slap) and fill up a bucket with water balloons. Place them in the yard on the grass and get them to jump in the water balloons. Another idea for the older ones is to simply throw water balloons and the person that is the most dry wins.

 I hope these inspire you to have a little crafty, messy and totally memorable fun!

Keep smiling


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