Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Darling Desks

With the prospect of purhasing my own home (hopefully the last of 3 times), I have been researching as trawling through magazines and websites gathering inspiration for my own home. Although I have LOTS of saved photos and ideas I am yet to complete my inspiration board. I do however walk around with paint swatches in my Louis, to help ensure that I keep the same colour scheme... there are so many different blues out there.

Having moved to the sunshine I knew that I wanted a Coastal/Hamptons theme, but clearly with my own style. I made the decision that I wasnt going to pick one furniture store and use them to kit out my house. No, I was going to take my time and pick things that I love. Sadly, most of the things I love are vintage (no not antique) and from the era that my mother grew up. I secretly think she is mortified that I like things that she grew up with. She's too kind to say as such though. Although I had already purchased two items (kitchen buffet and dresser), it was the desk that was my first transformation.

B and I were driving through the Sunshine Coast when we spotted a perfectly good desk sitting on the side of the road (yes I said it, it was in the curb). We checked with the neighbours and people curiously appearing on the footpath where we had pulled up and we were assured that it just appeared and that we could take it. Sweet!

When I got it home it was looking well loved. I raced to B's toolbox and grabbed his sander (my new best friend) and we (yes he helped in the beginning) sanded the desk back to the timber. As you can see in the picture, it really was a beautiful stable desk.

I decided (after using someones advice) thank you google, to spray the desk with an undercoat. It gave me a much smoother finish (rather than big clumpy brushstrokes). As soon as the undercoat was dry, I used some fine sandpaper to get rid of the rough texture, ensuring that the table top was smooth. I then pulled out the Taubmans paint (Dulux Antique White USA), I know, I know... and I got painting. Being that the weather is warmer here than I am used to it didnt take long between coats. I used a waterbased Acrylic so when the paint became thick as it was drying I dipped the brush into some water and evened the paint out.

So here is my final masterpiece...

All set up and ready to use. Now although I want a cute wooden vintage chair to sit in front of this desk at this stage I am using the good old computer chair that somehow made it here in the move. It does the job for now but I am sure that I will be posting about some chair makeover in the future.
I am going to leave you now with some of my favourite picture of desk makeovers (yes I spent THAT much time looking).

Although at the moment my desk is purely for the purpose of holding my computer etc, I have big future plans for this baby. I LOVE my desktop but I find the fact that it takes up so much space distracting. SO, keep your eye on this space and see what I am up to next. Also, if you have a chance slip into your nearest Newsagent and grab this months Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. It has the most gorgeous renovated writing bureau (a girl can dream).
Keep smiling

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