Sunday, 20 January 2013

6 years


It has been a busy 24 hours. I am curled up in bed, wish I could say with a good book and cup of tea, but sadly no. Instead I am curled up with a fashion magazine and water. Funny things, fashion magazines. I am not supermodel (wish I was) and I obviously am a mother of two under two and a half, but the fashion magazines are SO incredibly depressing. My days consist of cleaning, feeding, playing and if I get a chance restoring (or destroying) depending on how you look at it. I don't have time for mani pedi's, beauty treatment or haircut and I am sure even if I were to contemplate it, Miss 2.5 would have the worlds largest meltdown and ensure that I leave, flustered, embarrassed and wishing that I could split myself in two. One of me to stay at home with Miss .75 and one of me to enjoy the pampering.

I did spy a nail place (and beauty place) nearby that I am going to drag a gf to. I think she is in need of some pampering as well. Now to get the hubby's to watch kidlets.

SO, today is my 6 year wedding anniversary and B hasn't run away so I must be doing something right, especially seeing as I spent most of my day trying to complete the dining table (with very little success). Miss .75 has been waking up at 5. Not sure whether that is going to be a regular thing or its just being that she needs to settle in. The early starts do mean I drive B to work and get girls fed and sorted by 9 (which is fabulous). So with these early starts B and I took Miss .75 and miss 2.5 to the beach (Mooloolaba, Australia) and then out for breakfast. It has been a year since Miss 2 has swam in water and only her second time at the beach but despite lots of "no!" and "car mummy" I managed to get her out into the water (only took 40 mins). B and I decided to try out all of the restaurants along  the Mooloolaba strip to find out favourite. We went to another one today. Not as nice as some. Oh well. Next week is the bakery ;-)  B cooked Enchilada's (yet again- over ate)  now I am enjoying the pedestal fan blowing on my face.

On that note, although short and sweet (kinda) I am going to close the droopy eyes and get
Some much needed sleep.

Keep smiling!


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