Tuesday, 15 January 2013


So here I am. Finally. Although there were a few technical hiccups, the fact that I had NO idea how to get this started didn't help, I am off and racing and just the eensiest bit excited about where this is headed. In the last month, I have not only enjoyed the chaos of Christmas and all the over indulging and merriment that, that entails but I have packed my worldly possessions (that I DIDN'T have in storage already) and done the 1900km drive and ferry trip from Tasmania to Queensland. So here I am 2 weeks and 13 unpacked boxes later. The weather is divine, although my two little babes have been hot, bothered and irritable. They are growing to get used to the weather (the pedestal fans help). I have undertaken a few DIY challenges (to decorate my home), the www.fatmumslim.com.au photo a day challenge, which I plan to upload here for your viewing pleasure also and the biggest challenge of all. Finding my dream home up here on the Sunshine Coast.

Keep smiling


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