Sunday, 27 January 2013

Rain, Rain

So here I am (yet again) tucked up in bed, with my cup of tea, listening to the howling of the wind as it gushes between our house and the neighbours. It has been raining for 2 days now and Miss .75 and Miss 2 have been going, what can only be described as stir crazy. We were able to brave the rain Friday and Saturday but considering it was horizontal today I thought it best to avoid our daily walk. Mother Nature really does have a mind of her own doesn't she? Last week I was wondering how I was going to survive the remainder of the summer in a house with no air con or ceiling fans and today  I am wanting that gorgeous sun? Go figure.

It really has been a busy few days and although we were planning a little vacation away, a little accident on Thursday night, lack of sleep and predicted (and subsequent) bad weather made us think twice. So we decided that it was best to rain check (excuse the pun). It has however been a good opportunity to catch up on housework, cooking and continued unpacking, things that before today we hadn't really been able to tackle. Plus give the two little ladies of the house a chance to spend some time at home with daddy. Something that for 6 months, they didn't have. B constantly reminds me that it is important to remember that we are our own little family unit and therefore we need to put ourselves first. Something that over the last five years we haven't really done. So maybe he is right and we need to take time for ourselves.

I channelled my inner Donna Hay today and made pumpkin scones (for B), Ma-Ma's Choc Chip Cookies (for Miss 2), steamed/mashed veggies with CousCous (for Miss .75) and Cinnamon and Apple Muffins (for me) all whilst making a Meatloaf for dinner. I felt very successful tonight. Mind you it did mean the the housework was delayed but hey it is not like there are housework fairies or like the housework is going to up and leave anytime soon... Bit like this wind.

It is getting late (for someone up at 5am- thank you Miss .75) and I am sure my precious angel will be up again same time tomorrow. Goodnight

Keep smiling


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