Monday, 18 February 2013


If I am to be honest, I hate waiting. I find the process increases my anxiety and stress ten fold. Mind you, I write this as I wait... I am getting a check up and am concerned that the average age at this particular practice is 80. How can I be the youngest in the room? Even the staff here still have 20 years on me.

It has been an absolute whirlwind the last few weeks. We did it B and I found a beautiful home. Just 10minutes from where we are now.  Not that it takes much but I am completely in LOVE with this house. I had made it to the point of complete frustration with house hunting with ever property we looked at B saying it was "too small", I had almost given up when he suggested we look at a property.    His constant refusal of the properties we looked at made me want to tell him I didn't like it just to spite him, but I figured I'd humour him. Typical. The house was gorgeous. Not too flashy. Something we can work on. Near the beach. Get this, it was small. I'm not saying sardines in a tin small, but much smaller than anything we have had before... and he liked it! How does that work? In sure it was just because it was his idea. :-/ our offer was accepted and now we... Yup you guessed it... We wait. For finance. Of course despite, despising waiting. I have everything crossed that we get everything we need.

We have so much coming up and I have so much on my mind at the moment. The house, the rental, activities with Miss .75 and Miss 2, wedding in March, visiting B's nanna, restoring furniture, transporting furniture, cleaning, gorgeous girlfriends, Miss J visiting, Miss G visiting... If I am not careful my head might spin off into another dimension. ;-) oh and huntsmans... Yes I had my third encounter in 4 weeks. This one involved MUCH more screaming than the last few.

I have so much to show you too. The handles for my cabinet arrived AND I bought a gorgeous little cupboard today. Wait until I show you. :-) oh and I discovered Modpodge at Spotlight... Oh the possibilities. :-)

I have to sign out. Hoping I won't be waiting much longer but I will be back sooner rather than later. Just wait till you see my pretties :-)

Keep smiling


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