Friday, 4 October 2013

Early Morning Reflections

As I squeezed my eyes closed I could hear the somewhat nonsense babbling coming from the girls bedroom, I opened one eye long enough to see that the sun was creeping its way through the things that the real estate call curtains. As I tried to steal another few minutes of snoozing, I could hear the shower running. The next thing I knew I had two little sets of feet running down the hallway calling "mummy" and "daddy" and B opening the bathroom door. The excitement that the girls have when they wake up of a morning and "escape" from their bedroom is classic and just like me on a Christmas morning at 11 years old. I hope that they are always that happy to see us.

So, as I sip on my tea and they sit finishing their breakfast whilst playing with their toys (yes, they are allowed to eat breakfast away from the table), I reflect on the last 12 months (D and M). I have had my ups and downs and some personal epiphanies, but I am in a really good space. I understand that I will have my "bleh" days, everyone does but all in all things are much better in Lauren's head.

I have decided that there is NOTHING better than waking up to a clean house. Not having to wake up and clean everything - although I do have a pile of ironing/folding that is about to swallow my 2 seater lounger whole - was wonderful. It is little things like that, that help me start my day with a smile.

Miss 1.5 has been making so many new discoveries... and speaking more (which was never going to be an issue with B and I as parents)... She has become particularly skilled at helping mummy get the breakfast of a morning. Although I must say she certainly must have been hungry this morning. We didn't stop at the two plates for the toast.
So, I have been doing more than just cleaning and keeping my children fed and loved. I have SO many projects to share and as I am starting to get a bank up of projects that I have completed, you are all going to be bombarded in the next few weeks. Here are some of the things I have been doing.


Now you might all think, well that is all nice and well, BUT I did decide in my pregnant "condition" that all the damage from the move, the teeth marks and that IF I am honest I never actually received the colour cot that I wanted... I decided to re invent our cot... At this stage this is all I have managed (although I only have 5 weeks before I leave Qld for Tas) so I really need to get a move on... (plus add in there a trip down to coastal NSW and a house relocation)... Me. Overcommit? Never! Watch this space for the cot re do.
PLUS I am particularly excited about the project that you see below. I cannot wait to show you the end result. Yet another project that I really need to get off my bottom to share with you. See I told you I have LOTS to share...

Anyway, I have sat here for long enough sharing, so I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend... Maybe with a clean house, I can get some of these projects done ;-)

Keep smiling.



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