Sunday, 6 October 2013

Arty Farty

I spent most of my teens painting my problems away. It was incredibly therapeutic and a little part of me (yes I say LITTLE) wishes that it had been something that I had pursued later on in life (even now). I used to love painting and reflecting on them later (even if occassionally they were very dark and angry). I can still remember one of my art teachers shock when she came to check the progress of one of my pieces. It was blues and greys and well... dark. Darker than anything I had painted before... Then I went from that piece to painting fairies?? Go figure.

Although as a mother I hope that my beautiful girls... and nearly cooked "it" have happy lives I also want to foster and encourage art in their lives. I come from a family that has some incredibly talented people in it... My extended family includes, mechanic, handyman, graphic designer, symphony musician, engineer (I think), business owner, hairdresser, lawyer (2 of those), data analysis, jeweller, builder, sales rep, teacher (3 of those - including me), clerk and that is not all of them (and doesn't include partners). All of these members of my family are artistic in one form or another and I think that, that makes for a good genetic foundation for my children. Ok I am digressing slightly (a lot).

Mrs F and I were feeling inspired and purchased the children some art supplies. That was when I realised that I had nowhere to store them. So I did some investigating. Initially I was only after something that was maybe waist height (laminate if needed) and would store the girls things. What I discovered was a thousand times better. I am a member of a For Sale FB page (one of FB's pros), and I saw THE most gorgeous wooden cupboard for sale. So I bought it.
When I got there it was sturdy, in good condition and just needed some lovin'. So I obliged. Now the maker of this cabinet may have a heart attack right now - but be assured it is loved now (and will be for many years to come).
So my first job was to sand this baby. It was definitely "rustic" in that the item was rough timber and well, I wanted it a little less splinter happy. Once I had completed this, I used an undercoat over the timber (note to self and you all - if you are unsure whether an item has been oiled or stained make sure you get an undercoat that blocks that from seeping into the paint). I then began to paint (using the same paint that I have been using for all of my other items to keep the paint colour the same.
Sadly, as it was a relatively basic job, I didn't get any during the process pics. It really was a case of, one minute it looked like the above pic and then the next minute it was finished... So I will share the afters...
This blue is the same blue as the buffet and I am completely in love. I have to say that the cupobard fits my needs perfectly and although it may not always hold pride of place (in my laundry) it will always store our arts and crafts.

It is also the perfect height to get my laundry products out of reach of helpful 3 year olds. ;-)
I think that the one thing that I can say is that, although some items may not look pretty from the outside, they all have the potential (with a bit of love) to be amazing pieces in your home.
Now, I am going to go tackle a cot (before this baby arrives), maybe with some assistance from DH.
Wish me luck
Keep smiling.

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