Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bold Bureau

After a fabulous 4.50am wake up, care of Miss 3 and Miss 1.5... I have achieved very little this morning. Normally they are climbing into my bed around 5.30 and by 9 we are all fed and the housework is complete. Although completely by accident, we have fallen into a routine that has worked quite well for us. Both little Miss' have been unwell and I would say that although we are in the final days of that, it may have contributed to the early morning. I HAD resorted to putting a gate across their door to contain them, as Miss 3 was very helpful in my pantry of a morning, but after a few mornings of Miss 1.5 getting trapped between the gate and the door (in a space of cm's) we pulled it down. As any parent would understand, the safety of our girls was more important than a few emptied Tupperware containers.
Digressing. Again. I had a visit from one of my cousins (it was unbelievably comforting) yesterday and she told me how inspired she felt reading my blog. It was incredibly flattering and I wanted to take the opportunity to tell all of you, including Mrs L, that you can take ANY piece of furniture that you fall in love with and make it beautiful. I do recommend that you start with smaller pieces and work your way up (it would be incredibly daunting to start on a wardrobe for example as opposed to a coffee table or writing bureau.
Speaking of which, here the next of my projects.
I had been looking for a writing bureau for months... My mother has a beautiful one (in perfect condition) that belonged to my grandfather. It still has that beautiful musty smell when you open it, reminding me of childhood scents of them.

I have ALWAYS loved this piece of furniture and it wasn't until mum sent me a pic message of something that she had seen in Better Homes and Gardens, that I developed an obsession with having a writing bureau myself.

Now I COMPLETELY understand that my mother would have LOVED to have painted her bureau but for sentimental and decor reasons, I think that her decision to keep it in its original condition was the best decision. I, on the other hand, have been upcycling my furniture to Dulux USA Antique White, and I feel that I need to keep that white theme running through all my furniture. So, began the hunt for a writing bureau that I could upcycle. I was sitting on the couch one evening when my DH said to me "Is this what you are after", while showing me a picture from a FaceBook For Sale site. Sure enough, it looked like it was what I was after. So I accepted the sale and we collected the item.

Although, size wise, it was little smaller than I had hoped for, it was a really cute piece and it definitely grew on me. So I began the "revamp". I had this wondeful idea that keeping it within my blue and white theme was the way to go. I sanded as much of the old paint as I could from the desk, with my main purpose being to clean and smooth the desk, as there were some marks and chips on it.
As you can see, when I did this project I kept the doors etc on the item and therefore I coudn't get to all the edges and corners, not leaving me with a perfect finish. I do recommend pulling doors, handles, drawers etc out. It does make for a much more professional job and a job that lasts much longer too.
I then moved onto painting the interior of the cupboard.

I used an spray paint for this section as it was quite fiddly to paint. It did require a few coats but was a gloss paint so finished really well.

Here is the complete desk. In my bedroom and all.
Now, I am going to make a confession here. I attempted to cut a few corners and as a result I am not 100% happy with the result.
Although I am not going to attempt a re do of this in the near future it WILL be something that I will fix. I found that once the blue was on the item, although the same blue looked awesome on the buffet, on the desk it ovepowered the desk. My plan now is to paint the drop down table and base of the desk white and the inside of the lower cupboard white. I will also be doing a little bit of patching, replacing the drawer handles and adding door handles. The key for the desk has been broken into the lock so I will be replacing that with a new lock OR a handle as well. Now I am also on the hunt for a comfy chair to finish the piece off (I might even attempt a re cover)...
See even Lozzie's don't get it right all the time :-)
I hope that you all understand that you can attempt anything... If it isn't right you can go back and fix.
Enjoy your Wednesday!!!!
Keep smiling.

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