Thursday, 25 April 2013

Up and Coming

The last few weeks things have been hectic to say the least.

B and I had some sadness

We were the third car on the scene. The next day I left a white carnation on the side of the road in honour of John. Certainly not a man I will forget in a hurry. Such tragic circumstances.

B and I have had some joy with the birth of our georgous little niece. Miss L.

Aunty E did brilliant job with the birth of such a LITTLE CUTIE... Yes I think I hear "cluck cluck cluck"... ;-)

I have been shopping with old friends (or should I say established friends, Mrs F)
How nice was it to get out and about, without children, even if only for a few hours. Even if we did end up shopping for the men in our lives ;-)
I have had amazing tea and desserts with new friends. Thank you Ms J.
Ms J is a very talented lady with the same ecclectic taste in things that I do. Have been loving her blog The Sea and Me Change. Photo courtesy of Ms J. HOW CUTE ARE THE PAVLOVA'S???? IN TEACUPS!!!!
I have been snuggling with Miss 0.9 (not long now!!!!)

I love my 1:1 time just before Miss 0.9 goes to bed of an evening. She has just started taking off with the walking so now that she can do something new and exciting, being able to contain her long enough for a cuddle is far and few between. When I had Miss 0.9, I had expressed concern about not having 1:1 time with her, having a toddler as well. Mum said that when she had my sister, Miss G, she used to love the hours through the evening and the cuddles she would get overnight. She made the most of that time. I took that advice and do the same thing. The overnight feeds became the time that I would snuggle and look at her. Just as I would have at any time with Miss 2.5.
I have also been researching food for Miss 0.9's birthday. Can you guess what the theme might be?
I have so many wonderful ideas. Wait until you see my next blog post. Miss 2.5's second birthday. I had fun with that.

You should take a look at this website Repeat Crafter Me. Some cuteness there for sure.
Now this blog hasn't been very, well, juicy. BUT I leave you with some teasers of some pending upcycles that I have in store, that I WILL share as soon as they are complete...

I am so looking forward to sharing the birthday blog and also all the amazing projects I have "in progress"

Wishing you all a beautiful Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Keep smiling


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