Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The word "housewife"

The word "housewife" conjures up many images. From the reality TV series, to comedic dramas to the reality (which I can assure you is far less glamorous) perception of the role of the housewife is very much subjective.
So seeing as I haven't really thought about it and so many people around me are housewives... I thought I would google...
I found this definition on Wikipedia about housewives:
"A housewife is a woman whose main occupation is running or managing the family's home"
So I delved a little deeper... (into Wikipedia) and HOLY CRAP! Have you seen the list? I mean, I know I do all those things (most days- even though I despise housework) but to actually see it in one place... A list...
So this brings me to my main story. I am OCD, well maybe not clinically (I cant say I have been tested). But I am definitely a perfectionist. I sit at this little desk, with my cup of tea and homemade Choc Chip Biscuits and I try very hard not to look at the room around me... Here is why. I do not see a clean space. I see clutter. I see a HORRIBLE TERRIBLE UNORGANISED MESS! Things out of place. Rubbish. Dirty Windows. Grubby floors. Toys on the floor. Paper stacked computer height. Ironing on the table. Dirty dishes in the sink. Craft drying on the bench. Craft hanging from curtain rails. Chairs not pushed under the table. The list goes on... AND on. I haven't even left the kitchen/lounge/dining room yet. The bedroom is a whole other story. Horror one at that.
So I am guessing that right now it would be safe to assume that you are imagining an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive, right?

Here is the reality:

I have excuses for the Chinese Laundry. I have a landlord who believes that even with two children, his wife doesn't need a clothesline, so neither do I. It makes me laugh. This is a 7 star energy efficient home (ie no air con, no fans, minimal lighting) but they cannot put in a clothes line. Really?
Digressing slightly. So you may be looking at these photos and thinking "what is Lauren ON?" Nothing good I promise. I just look at this house and feel ill. I still haven't settled properly. I still look at these photos and think "OMG, how embarrassing. If you turned up on my doorstep I would be forever apologising for the mess.
SO, as a result of this I feel like I am not a good housewife. Why? Pfft! If I knew I would fix it. Some days (the hot ones- just reminding you I have no air con or fans) I feel like a smelly, sticky slob and housework is the last thing that I can bring myself to do. If I wake up early, go for a walk etc, I feel motivated and voila. The house becomes tidy (although the cupboards leave a little to be desired).
So, I have decided that my walking (or lack of the last two weeks) is not helping my motivation machine and feeling totally disorganised is not doing me any favours. SO! I have turned to my trusty friend... The Organised Housewife...
Katrina, is amazing! She is Australian (so she has that beautiful Aussie sense of humour) and she is just like every other housewife out there. She has this ability to make you feel motivated and encouraged. She has printables for just about everything and just as a side not if she does her 20 days to organise and clean your home challenge, DO IT. It is so easy and achievable- whether you are a housewife or working mummy- or even just a secret domestic goddess wannabe... I subscribed and everyday at roughly 6am I get an email, with a task for the day and some links to some fabulous sites.
Digressing again. So, because I have this need to be a Stepford Wife (yes I know...) I have decided that I am setting myself a challenge. I will be creating a Domestic Haven (seeing as on a side note we missed out on the house- bloody property valuations) and I will be stuck in this place until at least Nov. unless I can get the little beach side property up the road... I will post befores and afters for you all and hope that you enjoy (all projects completed on my broke ass budget)... In the meantime I still have some little projects underway (OMG you should see my list of things I want to do). Maybe in another post...
I hope to give you all another update in the next day or so BUT if for some reason I become sidetracked (quite possible) HAPPY EASTER to you all and sending lots of bunny kisses to your families (including the furry kind). Enjoy!
Keep smiling.


  1. god, i won't be inviting you around to my place. Jokes

  2. I almost added, that I go to others houses and they apologise for the mess and I am like "whatever" and I can't see the mess. I know it is the same in my house. You are always far more critical of yourself and far more accepting of others. Yeah AND as if your house would be bad! :-)